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About Us
We are a fun and inclusive, loosely organized grass-roots organization that picks up litter in our city whenever and wherever it is needed. 

Benicia Litter Pickers was founded in October 2019 and has grown to over 200 #Litterati in just under a year. We enjoy group clean-up events, picking up litter as a team, or as individuals. 

Litter eventually ends up in our storm drain systems that lead directly to our waterways. It is bad for our environment, our wildlife, and detracts from Benicia's natural beauty.  Many studies have documented the harm litter causes once it reaches the water. The most common items—cigarette butts and plastics—degrade slowly over time and leave behind toxins and tiny particles. Birds, fish and other animals mistake these items for food, and can die or become sick, as their digestive system becomes obstructed. 

To help prevent this, we are putting litter in its place, and you can help!  We are here to assist you with getting started, or just to cheer you on if you'd like to continue litter picking solo. We have tools to assist you, such as litter pickers, garbage bags, and safety vests. Click on the Order tab to request supplies.  

Look for us on Facebook and Instagram, or use the Contact Us link to get involved and email us directly.  Or, join our chat forum to talk directly with others who are interested in keeping our streets and shoreline clean. You can also ask to be placed on our email list. We promise, your email address will always remain private.

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