Saturday, April 24, 2021

A huge THANK YOU to everone who took the time out of their weekend to volunteer for this event.

This year for Earth Day, the Benicia Litter Picker Volunteers joined in to collect trash and litter not only from the streets of Benicia, but also in the Industrial Park. Removing this litter from our streets and shorelines  prevents toxic waste from reaching our Strait, and helps to  maintain our city's natural beauty. The Benicia Litter Pickers also got a mention from the Clean Up Solano organization: Clean Up Solano

What is even more exciting, and simultaneously sad and discouraging, is the amount of garbage our volunteer members collected. We filled up two flatbed trucks! Here are the statistics: 

  • Total pounds of trash collected: 1081 
  • Total number of bags collected: 146
  • Total number of volunteers: 84
  • Miles covered: 43.5

Let's break that down a little further, as we want to recognize the groups and clubs that also joined in on this event. 

  • The Benicia Lion's Club collected 107 pounds of trash in the Industrial Park. 
  • Valley Fine Foods collected 152 pounds of garbage in the Industrial Park. 
  • The Tuesday Club collected 40 pounds of refuse in the Industrial Park. 
  • The Robert Semple "Girls on the Run" Club collected 36 pounds of garbage around the Robert Semple area. 
  • Council Member Lionel Largaespada collected 61 pounds of litter from the shopping center areas at the intersection of Rose Drive and Columbus Pkwy. Also, an honorary mention also goes to Ron West for collecting an additional 20 pounds from the same area. 
  • The Benicia Bicycle Club collected approximately 80 pounds of trash from the Industrial Park.

Here is the link to the map of our volunteer's routes: MAP

And here is the link to some pictures we took at the litter drop off site: Earth Day Pictures

And below are a few more pictures we took:

Trash Truck
We collected 2 truckloads of trash!


Mayor Steve Young
Mayor Steve Young


Lion's Club, James Baldwin
James Baldwin, Lion's Club


Council Member Lionel Largaespada
Council Member Lionel Largaespada


Valley Fine Foods
Valley Fine Foods


BLP Leaders
Benicia Litter Pickers Leadership




Monday, March 15, 2021

Great News, Everyone! The Anti-Litter signs are here!!!

The signs were printed at a great little place in the Industrial Park called Colorzone. I highly recommend using them if you have any sort of printing need. In addition to that, I would like to give recognition to our very own Ernie and Isabelle P. for donating the first batch of signs to our wonderful little group. Also, Colorzone gave our group a huge discount, so that we can sell these signs for very little, enabling everyone to get one. Thank you, to all!

We also have plenty of litter grabbers procured by Benicia City Council Member Lionel Largaespada, 
and also an additional donation of litter grabbers made by 1st Northern California Credit Union.

I would also like to give one more shout-out to the artists, who lovingly painted the signs and then donated them to us:

Samantha McNally and Susan Street.

Here is where you can place your order for any of the items above, or for an imprinted vest. Please place your order here:

Art by Susan Street
Art by Susan Street


Art by Samantha McNally
Art by Samantha McNally


Monday, March 8, 2021

In case you might have missed it, we have been in the news a couple of times. 

Steacy was interviewed on 98.1 FM The Breeze's radio morning show. You can listen to the interview here:
98.1 The Breeze Morning Show Interview

Steacy was also interviewed by the Vallejo Times Herald for the Benicia Litter Picker's anti-litter sign art contest. You can read about it here: Vallejo Times Herald Interview

Sunday, February 21, 2021

In terms of participation, litter collected, motivation, and just plain hard work, Sunday's clean-up is the most successful Clean Up we have hosted. And we owe it all to our #Litterheroes. We could not do it without all of you. Thank you all so much!

On to Sunday's statistics: 

At the corp yard:

We collected a total of 64 Large size (33-45 gallon) trash bags of litter.  They collectively weighed 531 pounds. We filled up the truck twice. 

Our members collectively covered 42.56 miles of Benicia turf. 

I have other reports from our members who did not bring their trash to the corp yard, and from those members:

You all collected approximately 160 additional pounds of trash. 

Other interesting details: 

City Council Member Lionel Largaespada scoured the Benicia triangle at the bottom of Rose Drive and Columbus Parkway, and picked up eight full size bags of garbage in that two block area. 

Benicia Litter Pickers member, Ernie, found what we now affectionately call the "Benicia Party Pack" consisting of a single use vodka bottle, package of condoms, and a pipe. 

Members ran into each other in various parts of town, joined together, and continued on their way. There were a lot of people out picking up litter!

All of the pictures can be found HERE. Highlights of today's pickup are below. 


Lionel Largaespada
 Council Member Lionel Largaespada


Full Truck 1st Load
First Full Truck Load


2nd Full Truck Load
Second Full Truck Load


Benicia Bike Club
Tuesday Table Club (A group of Senior Women)


At the Corp Yard
Hanging out at the Corp Yard


Corp Yard
Hanging out at the Corp Yard


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Recently, we hosted an anti-litter art contest, in which the public was invited to paint a sign with an anti-litter slogan, using repurposed campaign signs. The winner was chosen at random (luckily, because each entry was FANTASTIC), and we even provided the campaign signs. The random name picking generator we used is here: Random Name Picker

The winner receives a $50 gift of Downtown Dollars, redeemable at over 30 participating local Benicia businesses. Downtown Dollars can be purchased HERE.

We had three entries, not including my own. Below are the submissions. Judge for yourself, they are all winners. 







Steacy (Me - Contest Hostess)


See what I mean? If you ask me, everyone wins. However, we can only choose one, so we let the random name picker determine the winner for us. 

AND... the winner is? 

Congratulations, SUSAN STREET from !